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I realize you guys still need banners for challenge 39 and 40 but I'm going to step down anyway.
If you PM the maintainer maybe she can get your banners to you.

I enjoyed being a mod here, and I enjoyed the challenge I got to run. Thank you to anyone who entered and to anyone who supported me. I really appreciated it.

Thanks and good luck in all you do!
Happy Iconing!

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Winners: Challenge 39

Winners: Challenge 39
Since I was removed as a maintainer my hands are really tied about what I can and cannot do in this community. Apparently, I can't even see screened comments on posts that aren't I have no idea whose icons these are.
I am so, so bitter about this whole thing!
So...please comment with which icons are yours so that I can 1) edit this post and 2) get you a banner.

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Challenge #40 Info

Awesome! With that week extension we got enough entries to post the vote! will go up tonight, as will the winners from the previous challenge.
As of right now Challenge 40 is closed. Voting will go up later today/tonight.
Banners for Challenge 39 will be up a few days after the winners are posted.

Thank you to all the members who participated!

After Challenge 40 is done (voting, winners, banners) I will be leaving the community. I just don't like how it seems to be going as far as the maintainer is concerned, so I'll be moving on.
If you liked my style in running a community, if you liked my only challenge, please feel free to friend me or join one of my other communities: bones_stills, xena_stills, icharacter, ss_gg_icons or my writing prompt/challenge community quill_it

It's been awesome fun, and I hope to someday create a costume-themed community that's as beautiful as this one.
You can look on my profile page if you'd like updates about the communities I run and ones I'll be creating.

Thank you to everyone!

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Introducing a new mod

I'm Leander, your new mod.
The vote for the previous challenge is already up and the new challenge is going to be up soon. I hope many of you stuck around, and if you're no longer interested in this community I hope you'll take this opportunity to promote it elsewhere.

A few changes:
Due to my schedule, new challenges will now go up on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

This layout is awesome and beautiful, but I'd like to propose a header and default community icon challenge, just so we might get some members re-interested in entering here.

If you'd like to be a banner maker please comment here.

So, hello and welcome to new challenges! ETA: As it happens, I've been removed as a maintainer, so I'm not sure how much I'll actually be able to do here now. I'll edit this post accordingly as things progress and change.

If you need to contact me for any reason you can comment to this post or email me at